Most of my publicly available code is hosted github. Early code with no version history is just hosted here. Most of these projects are basically hacks, following the YAGNI principle. All my software is under the GPLv3 license, unless otherwise noted.



Small Python module to read and write .binvox files. The voxel data is represented as dense 3-dimensional Numpy arrays in Python (a direct if somewhat wasteful representation for sparse models) or as an array of 3D coordinates (more memory-efficient for large and sparse models).

PyPCD (Python)

Python module to read and write point clouds stored in the PCD file format, used by the Point Cloud Library (PCL).

Cowbot software (Spin)

download cowbot3.tar.bz2


Sensing and control for a small mobile robot. More.

2D P-Median solver (C++)


An efficient implementation of the the classical vertex substitution heuristic for the P-Median optimization problem. More.

hdf5opencv (C++)

A simple library to save OpenCV matrices as Hdf5 datasets and load Hdf5 datasets as OpenCV matrices. Hdf5 is a standard binary format for scientific data.

Evoimage (Python / Cython)


Inspired by similar projects on the web, Evoimage attempts to resynthesize arbitrary input images out of overlapping translucent rectangles. This is done heuristically with genetic algorithms or particle swarms.

SubspaceExtract (Python)


A simple Python script to extract PCA, LDA, NLDA and semi-randomized LDA bases for a set of images (probably faces, so you get the famous eigenfaces and fisherfaces). Requires Numpy and PIL (see README for more info.)

moaftme (R)

MOAFTME (Mixture of Accelerated Failure Time Model Experts) is an R package for the estimation of parameters of a survival analysis model consisting in a mixture of experts, each of which is an accelerated failure time (AFT) model. Estimation is performed witn an MCMC algorithm.

KamikazeMazeEdit (C#)



A C# GUI application to create and edit mazes in the format for PUC's Mobile Robotics course.

rpbar (C++)


A minimalistic taskbar for the Ratpoison window manager.

Dratmenu (Python)

A window menu for ratpoison using dmenu.

PyHOG (Python)

Python wrapper for Felzenswalb's HOG features.